lecture #9 dalloway

lecture #9 dalloway - DO SOUND FOR PAPER Themes Linkage...

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DO SOUND FOR PAPER Themes Linkage between hod and dall London as the space/medium in which the characters exist and endure Death and modes of living on Perception and time (or moments of time out of time) in the novel Septimus and the theme of hyper-perception The return of the dead, again Mrs. Dalloway and the scene of writing Virginia Woolf, Mrs. Dalloway 1925 “at midnight, when the boundaries are lose, the country reverts to its ancient shape, as the Romans saw it, lying cloudy when they landed, and the hills had no names and rivers wound they knew not where—such was her darkness.”(24) -Plunge into madness -marlow’s world that open his narrative -echoing the work of Conrad “horror! Horror! She wanted to cry.” (pg 27) Horror in a park in London Trama of self shock from his time in the tanks of WWI Not the darkness in the presence of empire Pg 18 “in a public house in a back street a Colonial insulted the House of Windwor which let to words, broken beer glasses, and a general shindy, which echoed strangely across the way in the ears of girls buying white underlinen threaded with pure white ribbon for their weddings.” -darkness that marlow brewed the biggest town on earth -london is more than just a place -darkness of death itself that brews in dalloway’s mind Pg 9 “did it matter that she must inevitably cease completely; all this must go on whith out her; did she resent it. .of the house there, ugly, rambling all to bits and pieces as it was a part of people she had never met….”
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lecture #9 dalloway - DO SOUND FOR PAPER Themes Linkage...

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