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lecture #12 Godot continued

lecture #12 Godot continued - Themes-Beckett and the...

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Themes: -Beckett and the literature of exhaustion -Godot and nothingness -Joyce and Beckett -Beckett’s art as an art of subtraction -Godot and Existentialism -Existence and doubt -godot and prufrock and the difference in the way in which they seem to pose or stage the same ultimate questions -godot and the great danger of the deadening force of habit -analysis of Vladimir and Estragon in relation poszzo and lucky -Master and slave dialectic -Why do vladimir and estragon go on? Who is Godot? Waiting without hope in the hope that god might come -the purpose of meaning; They wonder if potso is godot, How is this mistake possible? Own feeling that Godot is not God. Beckett was certain that there was going to be a religious reading. Hard to believe that the two characters are waiting for the appearance of God. Blatemy/ estrogon; struggle to keep their appointment. Existentialism: Existence preceeds presence;come into this world and what we face is existence; brute existence Existence is not to be doubted but becketts characters are not at all sure of their existence. Pg 77 “ we always find something, eh didi to give us the impression we exist?” Pg 106 Vladimir You’re sure you saw me, you won’t come and tell me to-morrow that you never saw me.
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