lecture #13 finish poems with fox and skunk

lecture #13 finish poems with fox and skunk - Themes -We...

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Themes -We continue to trace the modern and contemporary counter-tradition to the poetry of spiritual enervation. -close reading of the “Thought-Fox” -close reading of ‘the skunk’ Open on White Teeth: Today -Carry romantic tradition into 19 th century -christianity was felt to be of depleted spiritual powers to HUGHES -heavy presence of illiteration It is now the poets visions that bodies forth the reality of the fox Fingers move in gesture or in writing Do they see no star because they re faint or is it something else that is nearer -something else that is near is alive -sense the lonliness gives off is more a sense of being alone -Cold delicately as the dark snow A fox’s nose touches twig leaf (quiet before us in the dark snow) Simple concrete and effective The one before the eyes come into being Is it the foxes eyes or the poet eyes -“set neat prints into the snow”… -forshaadows the page that is to be printed -unmoving shadow; as if out of hollowness that sets against the shadow upon arrival It is the foxes nose that he first sees; then he smells the fox; as if he breaths the fox in manifest. Poem about writing: The page is printed; the poem is printed; the act of writing -the enigma is explained Or is it Fox retains its being as a fox; not as a fox on the page Yeats asks did he put on his knowledge with his powerBY Seamus Heaney Misses the gift of hospitality in “the snake lord” THE SKUNK The Skunk
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Up, black, striped and damasked like the chasuble At a funeral mass, the skunk's tail Paraded the skunk. Night after night I expected her like a visitor. - intimation of warism
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lecture #13 finish poems with fox and skunk - Themes -We...

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