lecture #14 start white teeth

lecture #14 start white teeth - -TA’S Presentation Sub...

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Missing first 20 minutes No such thing as purity Pg 196 “oi, mister! Indo-arryans…it looks like I am Western after all! Maybe I should listen to Tina Turner, wear the itsy-bitsy leather skirts. Pah. It just goes to show, “ said Alsana revealing her English tongue…. It’s a fairy tale!”Pg 196 “I’m just saying said Ranil wounded I’d fuck him up yeah? If he was there you know. Dirty fucking book” Pg 193 ( a bunch of “fucks”) -irony of text -interesting that gang walks in a particular way -a kind of glorified, funky limp like the slow, padding movement that Yeats imagined for his rough millennial beast. Ten years eary, while the happy acidhead danced throught the summer of love millat’s Crew were slouching towards Bradford. (pg 193) Multiplicity of voices -language -believes in program of different events -array of possible interpretation over the notion of a single authoritative reading -published a little before 9/11 -white teeth opposes “you’re either with us/ or against us” opposes that everything is either black or white
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Unformatted text preview: -TA’S Presentation: Sub culture: mode Raggastani Pop culture Michael Jackson Literature: Shakespeare Ex: Billy Bragg,”England, Half English”(2002) Post modern move to reject as fiction Half English half ironic Mother and him are half English; calls into question stable identity 2006 asian network To black british culture Raggastani Examines the sometimes complex relationship Asians have with black culture. From Apache Indian in the (0’s to the majority of desi stars today, the clothes. Naturally there was uniform: and they walked in a very particular way. Poor Ryan Topps. He was a mass of unfortunate physical characteristics. He was very thin and very tall White teeth the uncertainty and the instability of these years. Thriller of urban world between life and death. “but Irie didn’t know she was fine Ex: Morrissey, “irish blood, English Heart” (2004) In 3 songs Morrissey takes on whole lecture for today-I have forgiven you jesus-america is not everything-irish blood...
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lecture #14 start white teeth - -TA’S Presentation Sub...

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