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MALEFIJT CHAPTER 11 WITCHCRAFT AND SORCERY M BE SURE TO KNOW THE FOLLOWING TERMS: B sorcery - ___________________________________________________________________ s witchcraft - ________________________________________________________________ w coordinate control - ________________________________________________________ c superordinate control - _____________________________________________________ s BE ABLE TO ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS: B Q: Witches are usually thought to acquire their power through _______________ _______________ or through the influence of (or contact with) ______________. _ Q: The belief in witchcraft does not replace concepts of natural causation. For instance, if a granary falls on people, everyone knows it is due to termites eating the wooden supports. The question answered by witchcraft is __________ the granary fell on these particular people at this particular time. (This is a one-word answer.) a Q: When it is culturally accepted that one becomes a witch involuntarily, those thought to be witches may be viewed with some degree of __________ and
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11.Witchcraft.and.sorcery.stud - MALEFIJT CHAPTER 11 -...

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