Raising Self-Employment Earnings

Raising Self-Employment Earnings - Review M 6:30 T 4:30 W...

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Review: M 6:30 T 4:30 W 4:30 IN THIS ROOM. Exam 305 Raising Self-Employment Earnings Story: South Africa (remember that race is very “present” and polarizing in their culture) Background: South African struggle against apartheid only took place in 1993. Masibisi Majola – woman’s name Damon Galgut: speaking of South Africa, “our history is so recent that it is not yet in the past” J. M. Coetzee: Nobel Prize winner, writer of Disgrace Masibisi lives outside of Durban, called a thousand hills, everyone there is black The Majola family consists of Masibisi, her husband, three children. Husband only there on weekends, he worked as a gardener for a white family The family operated a number of businesses producing handi-crafts, sold to tourists wherever they were permitted to sell Their home had electricity and running water. The government supplied the electricity and water. Government also provided “port-o potties” to every home in the village. Masibisi thought the very best place to sell handi-crafts was on the ocean front, where the tourist hotels were. She had to rent a stall, but to get there, had to pay about $1.50 to get back home. On a good day she could go back home, but on a bad day she would have to sleep on concrete in a parking lot. Technology enabled her to sell her products, even after the police told her she could no longer sell the products. Masibisi’s son had a cell phone… Durban had a regulation that street venders needed licensed/permits, or they would go to jail. The man responsible for the regulation said it was “to protect the tourists” One issue about South Africa is that the unemployment rate is extremely high. ILO definition is 28%, raw definition is 41%. But some of the unemployment is not real…it’s that people will not report to the government out of shame or concern or legality issues that they are street vendors “you’re employed when you go to the same place every day and get paid every Friday” Mechanisms for raising self-employment earnings: 1. Adopt a positive policy stance with regard to self-employment and stop hassling them 2. Provide the poor in agriculture with more to work with. a.
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Raising Self-Employment Earnings - Review M 6:30 T 4:30 W...

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