6.Religious.Beliefs.stud - fill-in-the-blanks and questions...

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fill-in-the-blanks and questions with short answers MALEFIJT CHAPTER 6 RELIGIOUS BELIEFS M BE SURE TO KNOW THE FOLLOWING TERMS: B dogma (p. 145) - _______________________________________________________________ d mana (p. 146) - ________________________________________________________________ m taboo (p. 148) - in Melanesian culture, a series of prohibitions against _______ ________________________________________________________________________________ _ anthropomorphism (p. 149)- _____________________________________________________ a theriomorphism (p. 149)- _______________________________________________________ t zoomorphism (p. 149)- __________________________________________________________ z anthroposocial (p. 149)- _______________________________________________________ a anthropopsychic (p. 149)- ______________________________________________________ a gods (p. 161) - ________________________________________________________________ g pantheon (p. 152) - ____________________________________________________________
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6.Religious.Beliefs.stud - fill-in-the-blanks and questions...

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