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socyoflawNOTESfor test3 - Chapter 7 LAW AND...

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Chapter 7 LAW AND ORGANIZATIONS-original idea on isomorphism in 1983-Dimaggio and Powell “The Iron Cage Revisited” rationalization is considered most cited paper in sociology today o Isomorphism-originations resemble one another 3 ways they do it on paper Labor laws Regulation of unions: capitalism contract between 2 formally equal parties Legal Unions were original Unions are legal but have restricted activities 1908 Adair v. United States After depression: more tolerant policy salary negotiations Labor laws Discrimination in workplace Robert Nelson and William Bridges “Legalizing gender inequality” o Laws to probe gender equity institutions- adaptations: discriminations persist Women are excluded from top positions Male cultural advantages Private organizations (business) o Goal of the business :make money o Function of organization: efficiency of business Legal organizations o Institutionalism Law and Economy Welfare laws o Historical model: Juridification=increase in (formal) law Expansion of the law: previously unregulated area Densification of law: more detailed regulation obvious of something that was already regulated o Example: abortion law in CT in the 19 th century abortion jurisprudence since 1973, (1973-1992) Roe v. Wade o Applied to welfare laws Laws in response to social needs—result of market dynamics!!! E.g. unemployment benefits E.g. ill healthcare o Taxes go into the health care
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o This is sometimes referred to as the “Graying of the population.” o History of welfare laws Jurgen Habermas Bourgeois state (pre-19 th century) o
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socyoflawNOTESfor test3 - Chapter 7 LAW AND...

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