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Current Event Paper 1 Running head: Current Event Paper Current Event Paper Lauren Thomas Social Work 305 Professor Bryant December 2, 2008
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Current Event Paper 2 Abstract There have been many incidents of cyber bullying but none until just recently have made it to court. The landmark cyber bullying case occurred after death of Tina Meier put a Missouri mother, Lori Drew on trial in a On Wednesday November 27, 2008 Lori Drew was convicted of only three minor offenses each count is punishable by up to a year in prison and a $100,000 fine and she could have received up to 20 years if convicted of the four original charges. According to the Prosecutors the incident began when a 49 year-old woman Lori Drew and two others created a fictitious 16-year-old boy on MySpace and sent flirtatious messages from him to teenage neighbor Megan Meier. The boy dumped Megan in 2006 after saying the world would be better without her. After being dumped Megan hanged herself with a belt in her bedroom closet. The prosecution said they wanted to humiliate Megan for saying mean things to Drew’s daughter and said they knew Megan suffered from depression (Risling). defines cyber bullying as willful and repeated harm inflicted through the medium of electronic text. 33 percent of youth have been victimized by cyber bullying and the most common cyber bullying location where victimizing occurs is in chat rooms (56 percent). Following chat rooms, 49 percent are victimized via instant message and 28 percent via
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SOCWKCURRENTEVENT - Current Event Paper 1 Running head...

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