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thomaslcrjue314cp2 - INSTRUCTIONS FOR CP ASSIGNMENT...

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INSTRUCTIONS FOR CP ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSIONS Your completed assignment is due no later than Monday February 23 rd at Midnight (i.e. before February 24 th ) . Assignments received after the deadline are subject to having points deducted as specified on page 3 of the syllabus. To receive full credit for the assignment, do the following : 1. Type your name on the top of the first page where indicated and check your work to make sure you have answered all questions as required before you submit your work. 2. Save your completed assignment with a new file name in the following format: “Last Name First Initial CRJU E314CP2”, as appropriate for the word processing software you are using. Thus, my assignment , saved as a Microsoft Word 2007 file, would be saved as “smithwcrjue314cp2.docx” Your document may be saved as an MS Word (.doc or .docx file extensions), WordPerfect (.wpd file extension), Rich Text (.rtf file extension) or Adobe Portable Document (.pdf file extension) file. If you are using Microsoft Works (.wps), please convert the file to a Rich Text file. You may do this by clicking “Save As” and then specifying Rich Text (.rtf) as the format in which the file is to be saved. 3. Send your completed assignment as an e-mail attachment addressed to me at [email protected] . -Do not copy and paste the assignment into the body of an e-mail. -Do not create and submit a separate document. Use this document. -Do not delete any parts of the assignment, including this instructions page. 4. On the Subject line of your e-mail indicate “CRJU E314 CP2.” 5. If your e-mail address does not indicate your last name (example: [email protected] ) please include your name, either in the “Subject” line of the e-mail, or in the body of the e-mail itself. This will help to insure that your assignment gets into the correct class folder and that I don’t, inadvertently, place it in my other class’ file folder and fail to give you credit for the assignment. 6. If you encounter problems in sending or attaching your assignment, you may also fax it to me, by the required deadline, at 803-898-9114, my office fax.
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CRJU E314 (2009) Class Participation Assignment # 2 (5% of Course Grade) Name: Lauren Thomas Pick a U.S. criminal court case in which a defendant was charged with a criminal offense involving either reckless or criminally negligent conduct. There is no date
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thomaslcrjue314cp2 - INSTRUCTIONS FOR CP ASSIGNMENT...

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