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Media Analysis on The Notebook

Media Analysis on The Notebook - Lauren Thomas Media...

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Lauren Thomas September 17, 2007 Media Analysis on The Notebook After watching the movie The Notebook I decided to analyze Noah Calhoun an older Caucasian male in his seventies. Every elderly person experiences biological changes when getting older in the movie they seem to focus on Noah’s problems with the cardiovascular system. Noah experienced three heart attacks in the movie. Elderly experience problems with the cardiovascular system because the heart and blood vessels become less efficient as the body ages. The valves of the heart become more rigid which causes the heart to have to work harder. The restricted blood flow accounts for why elders may tire more easily when doing physical activities have reduced muscle strength. Noah’s heart problems affected him in many ways. Noah was forced to take several medications for his health and was not able to do things without becoming tired soon afterwards he was also not able to spend as much time with Allie because of the continuous doctor visits because of his heart problems.
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