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Notes 10-29-07 Overview 1. Nationalism 1. Nationalism Possen's theory of nationalism nationalism is a form of identity many wars are about nationalism, at some level nationalism grew in the west in the wake of the “death of God” death of religious authority -> the Vatican What is nationalism? Possen defines nationalism in terms of the following standards a collective group identity that refers to and applies to lots of people the group is almost always too big to meet in one place people in the same nation in general share some culture and a state structure or land
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Unformatted text preview: they live in that maps onto the identity of nationalism. – People are loyal to the idea of nationalism because of propaganda and advertisement – More specifically, states purvey nationalism in order to improve the military capabilities – mass army – big army, first introduced in France in the 1700s – France had an army of 700,000 people by 1790. – the mass army preserves its size in wars, unlike olden days. – To get replacements and for mass armys to sustain itself, it requires the ENTIRE country....
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