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Alfred Mai Fri. 9:00-9:50 GIRV 2128 Paper Topic #1 Paper Topic #1: Waltz says (pg. 43) that “states in an anarchic order must provide for their own security.” What types of evidence might falsify Waltz's claim? Waltz states that all nations must provide for their own security because there is no higher authority to provide that security. He defines alliances and treaties as unreliable and easily broken agreements, using self-interest as his basis argument to why true cooperation among nations is rare if not impossible. However, Waltz underestimates the power of alliances, the United Nations and global cooperation in the modern age. The anarchy in Waltz's theory is quite different from the one that exists in today's world and thus some of his claims do not necessarily apply. According to Waltz, anarchy makes alliances unreliable because nations will always look out for themselves before their allies – which is true in a general sense. However, most often times it is in a state's own interest to look out for their ally's security. It is in no doubt
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