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Unformatted text preview: Alfred Mai Fri. 9:00-9:50 GIRV 2128 Paper Topic #2 Topic #2: Do Snyder and Waltz seek to explain the same outcome? In international relations, there are two well-known theorists who discuss and analyze international situations and outcomes. Waltz, a realist and third level analyzer, seeks to explain the necessity of self-security in an anarchic world whereas Snyder, a domestic theorist, seeks to explain expansionism and imperial overstretch. However, both Snyder and Waltz ultimately explains the same outcome: the reason and means of which nations build up their security. Waltz and Snyder conflict in certain areas naturally because they are from two different levels of analyses. Even though their theories are different, they do, however, seek to explain the same outcome: the reason why nations build up their militaries and attack other nations. Waltz believes that international conflicts arise because of the international system. For example, military build ups are not a result of domestic policies, but rather the result of the situation of the...
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