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Unformatted text preview: Alfred Mai Fri. 9:00-9:50 GIRV 2128 Paper Topic #3 Paper Topic #3: How plausible is Miller's evidence suggesting that Adolf Hitler was beaten as a child? Hitler was a monster, and most biographers, historians, and psychoanalysts will agree that he, or anyone else for the matter, cannot possibly be born as a monster. Most people will agree that the kind of adults children grow up into being are largely shaped by the experiences of their childhood. Miler argues that the evil deeds committed by Hitler as an adult were directly related to the childhood traumas and beatings that he went through as a child. The arguments, evidence and logic presented by Miller are very convincing and definitely plausible. The sources that Miller uses in her argument that Hitler was beaten as a child are very powerful and reliable. She cites Hitler's sister and her personal accounts of the harsh atmosphere and beatings Hitler endured as a young boy. Miller even went as deep as analyzing the wording Hitler's sister used to Hitler endured as a young boy....
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