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Alfred Mai Fri. 9:00-9:50 GIRV 21282 Paper Topic #5 Paper Topic #5: Boggs/Pollard say that militarized images have “contributed deeply to the legitimation of empire.” p.15 What types of evidence might falsify their claim? In today's time, there is little doubt that the media has a huge impact on the lives of Americans. From Hollywood to video games, images of militarism, nationalism, and patriotism creeps into the malleable minds of young people and reinforces the idea of the nobleness of the military. However, these images have hardly contributed to the legitimation of empire. Empires were much more existent in the past, during times when the media as we know it today did not exist. Militarized images in current films and other outlets could not legitimize empires in a way that it was not already legitimized in the past, prior to the expansion of the media. Western empires in the form of colonies in Africa and Asia began declining during the time when the film industry in Hollywood was just beginning. With exceptions from a few
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