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essay6 - Alfred Mai Fri 9:00-9:50 GIRV 21282 Paper Topic#6...

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Unformatted text preview: Alfred Mai Fri. 9:00-9:50 GIRV 21282 Paper Topic #6 Paper Topic #6: Read a CGD report and play with the data. Notice a pattern and write about it. Report: Chance To Break Free From Cycle of Debt [Financial Times] There are different types of solutions to fix the extreme poverty in Africa, but to develop a solution, one must first realize what the root of the problem is. The major obstacle in Africa's struggle out of it's desperate situation is it's piling debt. The developed and wealthy nations who lend the money to Africa have come to realize this. However, the solution the lenders have come up with will do little in correcting the root problem of the debt issue because it fails to destroy the vicious cycle of African debt. One of the major reasons for Africa's plight is the huge amount of debt the continent borrows. Some of the poorest nations on earth have to take out large amounts of much needed funds which could be used in building their infrastructure and providing humanitarian social...
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