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Unformatted text preview: Alfred Mai Fri. 9:00-9:50 GIRV 21282 Paper Topic #7 Paper Topic #7: To what extent does the catfish war illustrate a tension between a governments need to placate domestic audiences and the pursuit of optional international economic policy? The United States has always been the leader in pursuit of international free trade. When Vietnam finally adopted more capitalistic policies, the United States was first to push global free trade policies onto them. Soon after Vietnam adopted those policies, the American government faced opposition from it's catfish farmers who were losing business due to the relatively cheap prices of Vietnamese catfish. What ensued was and still is a very polarized battle between the government's need to appease it's own farmers and at the same time become a beacon for free trade around the world. The unfair trade practices as the result of protectionism to protect a relatively mall number of American catfish farmers has caused great resentment against the United States from...
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