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AS AM Presentation Min Kim Alfred Mai In her article “Of Myths and Men: Better Luck Tomorrow and the Mainstreaming of Asian America Cinema”, author Margaret Hillenbrand explains the boundaries and limitations of representation experienced by Asian American men in the mainstream cinema, and how the film Better Luck Tomorrow by Justin Lin serves to change that. Hillenbrand also explains that while the strategies of parody and metacinema allow Asian American film to join the mainstream cinema, they also tend to show a side of misrepresentation and stereotypes as well. Margaret starts out by stating that Asian females are constantly represented in cinema for their erotic features which appeal to white men, while Asian males have lost their place from the main roles and are presented only in minor roles like some kung-fu club, or academic decathlon. She then goes on to analyze different films which try to justify the Asian masculinity such as Louis Chu’s Eat a Bowl of Tea and Chan is Missing and explains the films’ efforts to dismiss Chinese stereotypes and establish Asian masculinity. Margaret also discusses in detail the effects Better Luck Tomorrow has on the Asian stereotypes, comparing the film’s various themes with other films such as Goodfellas, Mean Girls, and Harold and Kumar . Her concerns focus on parodies that the film portrays of other films, and whether or not these parodies
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Presentation_COMBINED - AS AM Presentation Min Kim Alfred...

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