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Alfred Mai Oct 22, 2008 ASAM 146 Extra Credit: Two Film Comparisons The two films, "The World of Suzie Wong" (1960) and "The Toll of the Sea" (1922) are unique in their own way yet have some similarities. In "The Toll of the Sea," the main character Lotus Flower ended up losing the love of her life. He went back home to America and married an American woman while leaving Lotus Flower with a baby. At the end of the movie, Lotus Flower convinces them to take the baby and she commits suicide by giving herself up to the sea. In "The World of Suzie Wong," the main character Suzie Wong ended up committing herself with her love. She was a prostitute with a baby, but Robert, her lover, ended up accepting the baby and committing himself with her. In “The Toll of the Sea,” the baby of the main Asian female belongs to the American lover, whereas in “The World of Suzie Wong,” the baby of the main Asian female belongs to another man and not her lover. Yet even so, surprisingly, it is in
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Unformatted text preview: the story where the baby is of another man's does the American lover actually stay and commit himself to her whereas when the baby actually belonged to the American lover, as in “The Toll of the Sea,” he leaves her for another woman – an American woman. The differences in the ending are pretty well obvious: where one loses her relationship and her life, the other gains a committed relationship with the love of her life. It is pretty different and can thus be concluded that these two films have very unique endings and one is definately a derivation of another and not a continuation. So in a way, even though both movies have a similar concept of difficult love between a Western man and an Eastern woman, the ending of "The World of Suzie Wong" is a derivation from "The Toll of the Sea."...
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