Quiz Study Guide SPRING 2008

Quiz Study Guide SPRING 2008 - you forget your i>Clicker...

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Quiz Study Guide  INT 20 –  Spring 2008 Each week you will get a list of topics that the next week’s quiz will cover. You should know these items really well. However, remember that your papers will require you to know the rest of the reading material, even if it’s not on the quizzes. There are 9 total quizzes (11 points each with 1 bonus point for a total of 100 p oints ) . Quizzes will occur at any time during lecture so be on prepared with your i> Clicker in hand. Please note that we will bring 15 i>Clickers to each lecture to loan out on a first-come, first-served basis. If
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Unformatted text preview: you forget your i>Clicker and we are out of loaners, you will not be able to take or make up the quiz. Quiz #1 (11 questions, 1 pt. each) From the Lecture: Chickering's Vectors Tinto's model Themes of first-year experience at UCSB From the Book: Andreatta, Chapter 1 Academic freedom and tenure Academic disciplines Journal articles Bloom’s hierarchy of knowing Academic integrity Dos and Don’ts of office hours From the Reader: Berube Coplin Dutch Kadison & DiGeronimo Identity development issues Relationships and sexuality issues...
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