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Quiz One 1. A color-blind girl inherited this trait from her a. mother. b. father. c. mother only if she is color-blind. d. father only if he is color-blind. e. both parents. 2. A Speck syndrome patient is a a. female. b. male. c. either a male or a female. d. No enough information, can not be decided. 3. Which of the following would not be considered a haploid cell? a. daughter cell after meiosis II b. gamete c. daughter cell after mitosis of a haploid cell d. cell in prophase II e. cell in metaphase I 4. All of the following take place during meiosis EXCEPT
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Unformatted text preview: a. two S phases of interphase. b. crossing over. c. reduction of chromosome number from 2n to 1n. d. segregation of homologous chromosomes. e. pairing of similar chromosomes during Prophase I. 5. The SRY gene is a. a dominant gene located on a autosome. b. a recessive gene located on a autosome. c. a dominant gene located on a sex chromosome. d. a recessive gene located on a sex chromosome. e. none of the above!...
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