Quiz2_key_Feb16 - has little to no effect on the same...

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Discussion Quiz 2 1) What is the best definition of "mutation"? A) Any change in the genes leading to birth defects. B) A conversion from a dominant allele into a recessive one. C) A heritable change in the genetic code leading to changes in gene frequencies. D) Any loss of DNA due to nondisjunction. E) A change in the genetic code. This was not the best question and both answers were accepted 2) Which of the following are assumptions of the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium? I) No genetic drift. II) No random mating. III) No mutation. A) I and II. B) I and III. CI) II and III. D) I, II and III. E) II only. 3). A farmer sprays his crop with an new insecticide that annihilates all but a few of the target population of insects. He continues to use the insecticide and several years later notices the population is back in full force but the insecticide
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Unformatted text preview: has little to no effect on the same target population. This is an example of A. Stabilizing selection B. Directional selection C. Disruptive selection D. Constant selection E. None of the above 4. While directional selection favors __________ , stabilizing selection favors ___________. A. intermediate individuals, an extreme phenotype B. two extreme forms, an extreme phenotype C. intermediate individuals, two extreme forms D. an extreme phenotype, intermediate individuals E. none of the above 5. Genetic drift is likely to be seen in a population: I) That is very small. II) That has a high mutation rate. III) In which there is high rate of mating between relatives. A) I only B) I and II. C) I and III. D) II and III. E) E) I, II and III....
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Quiz2_key_Feb16 - has little to no effect on the same...

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