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Name: Discussion: QUIZ 1. BIO 311 D Mark the best answer for each question. Please return your quiz sheet and scantron before leaving. 1) Which one is not a process that is directly responsible for generating genetic variability? a) Random segregation of chromosomes. b) Crossing over. c) DNA replication. d) Random fertilization. 2) Alternative forms of the same gene are located in the same chromosome pair, but in different__________. a) Cells. b) Sister chromatids. c) Homologous chromosomes. d) Tetrads. 3) In the animal life cycle above, process a and process b are, respectively:
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Unformatted text preview: a) Mitosis and meiosis. b) Meiosis and mitosis. c) Fertilization and mitosis. d) Meiosis and fertilization. 5) Leaf texture of oats is determined by a single pair of genes, smooth being dominant over rough . A true breeding smooth plant is crossed with a true breeding rough plant. The F1 is then crossed and the F2 is obtained. Determine which the correct ratios are: a) Phenotypic ratio: 3:1; Genotypic ratio: 1:2:1 b) Phenotypic ratio: 4:0; Genotypic ratio: 3:2:1 c) Phenotypic ratio: 9:3:3:1; Genotypic ratio: 1:1:1:2:2:2:2:1:4...
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