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Homework No. 3 General 1-D motion CHANG 1 A particle moves along a straight line, and for 0 t 10 s its position is given as x = t 3 – 6.5 t 2 – 30 t +10 m. (a) Find the position and acceleration of the particle when it is farthest from the origin in the – x direction during this interval. (b) Find the average velocity and average speed of the particle for the interval t = 4 s to t = 8 s. (c) Is the particle speeding up or slowing down at t = 2 s, t = 5 s, t = 8 s? Ans : (a) x = –188 m, a = 23 m/s 2 (b) 4 m/s, 23 m/s (c) speeding up at t = 2 s, slowing down t = 5 s, speeding up at t = 8 s. Constant acceleration motion CHANG 2 A particle is moving along a straight line with constant acceleration. Measured from a chosen reference frame, the particle‘s position is +2 m at t = 0, and it is at 2 m when t = 10 s. If the particle is observed to change its direction of motion at t = 4 s, find the particle’s acceleration and its velocity at t = 10 s. Ans
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