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Homework No. 5 Newton’s 2nd law CHANG 1 An 80 Kg man standing on the platform of mass 20 Kg is lowering himself down using a massless cable passing over two pulleys as shown. If his downward acceleration is 0.2 m/s 2 , find the force exerted by the man on the cable. Ans : 320 N CHANG 2 The 2 Kg small marble rises up along the smooth inner surface of the spinning cone and settles at the position as shown. The period of rotation for the spinning cone is 1.5 s, and the angle of the inclined surface is
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Unformatted text preview: θ = 30°. Find the distance L . θ L Ans : 0.372 m Y&F 5.52 **(a) only** Ans : (a) 6.19 s CHANG 3 An 80 Kg man stands inside an elevator. The total mass of the elevator and the man is 600 Kg. If the apparent weight of the man is 688 N, find the tension force in the elevator’s hoisting cable. Ans : 5160 N Y&F 5.118 Ans : (a) 61.8 N (b) 30.4 N Y&F 5.56 **(b) (c) only** Ans : (b) 833 N at the top and 931 N at the bottom (c) 14.2 s...
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