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MALEFIJT CHAPTER 12 Functions of Religion M BE SURE TO KNOW THE FOLLOWING TERMS: B double descent - _______________________________________________________________ d sanctions - ____________________________________________________________________ s organized sanctions - __________________________________________________________ o diffuse sanctions - ____________________________________________________________ d moral (or ethical) religions - _________________________________________________ m ethics - _______________________________________________________________________ e the magic of kings - ___________________________________________________________ t monastic landlordism - _________________________________________________________ m potlatch - _____________________________________________________________________ p ahisma - _____________________________________________________________________ a BE ABLE TO ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS: B Q: The study of functions in the social sciences is the study of the ______________________________ of an institution. In this sense, the function of religion is the relationship it bears to ____________________, ______________________________, ____________________, and ______________________________. _ Q: In societies in which religious worship is basically a family affair, the household religion is generally of the nature of ______________________________. h Q: What five societies does Malefijt give as examples of family-centered religion? (Caution: she lists two under the same heading.) ( Q: Family structure among the ancient Greeks and Romans was __________ and __________. Upon marriage, a daughter had to abandon her childhood allegiance to the hearth and fire, thus breaking her emotional ties with ______________________________. The husband had to bring a stranger to the sacred hearth and share with her the ceremonies of his lineage ancestors. The resultant sacred ties between husband and wife meant that marriage ______________________________. Only in later years, when ____________________ became powerful, was this stable system disrupted. b Q: The Dobu stand in great contrast to the ancient Greeks and Romans. They are __________ rather than patrilineal. However, a much greater difference is that each marriage partner among the Dobu clings tenaciously to ____________________ ________________________________________. This Dobu practice weakens
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12.Functions.of.religion.stud - MALEFIJT CHAPTER 12 -...

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