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Unformatted text preview: Homework No. 11 Rotation with constant angular acceleration CHANG 1 A wheel starts to rotate from rest with a constant angular acceleration. It reaches its highest angular velocity in 20 s, and then maintains the same speed. If the wheel rotates a total angle of 4000 rad in a total time of 1 minute, find the angular acceleration of the wheel. Ans : 4 rad/s 2 CHANG 2 A disk starts from rest and spins with a constant angular acceleration of 5 rad/s 2 for 8 s, reaching its top angular velocity. The disk then maintains that top speed for 10 s before it slows down at a constant angular deceleration for another 10 s until it stops spinning. Find the total angle of rotation of the disk. Ans : 760 rad P a b b Relating rotational kinematics to translational kinematics CHANG 3 A rotating pulley with radius R = 0.04 m is driven by the belt as shown. If the speed of the belt is 0.2 m/s, and point P on the rim of the pulley has a total acceleration of 2.6 m/s 2 , find the angular acceleration of the pulley. the angular acceleration of the pulley....
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