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Annemarie de Waal Malefijt, Religion and Culture Questions on chapter 3, The science of religion Know the meaning of the following terms and, if mentioned in the text, a scholar with whom they are associated animatism animism churinga contagious magic homeopathic magic mana manes numinous Rig Veda Be able to answer the following questions What was the first country to establish the first university professorship for the Science of Religion? In what year? What two countries quickly followed suit? Where was the first international conference held on the Science of Religion? In what year? Who discovered that Sanskrit was related to Latin and Greek? When? What two German brothers combined the study of linguistics and mythology? In the mid 1800s the German scholar _____________traced all myths to linguistic transformations that occurred through the ages. In his view religion was based on a belief in _______. What was, in his view, the core myth that gave rise to all other myths? What was his criticism of anthropologists of the time. Who is the first great American anthropological linguist? What did he show about Native American myths through the use of linguistics? With what concept is the name of Edward Tylor (d. 1917) associated? According to Tylor, primitives viewed humans as being composed of a body, _____, and _____. The first spirits worshiped by ancient humans were _______. For Tylor the major function of religion was ________. What is the weakness in Tylor’s rationalism? What is the weakness in Tylor’s individualism? For Herbert Spencer (d. 1903) the key concept was not the soul, but the _____. When did ghosts become gods, acc. to Spencer? For Andrew Lang (d. 1912) ________ preceded ________.
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3.The.science.of.religion.stud - Annemarie de Waal...

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