2.History.of.the.study.of.religion.stud - Annemarie de Waal...

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Unformatted text preview: Annemarie de Waal Malefijt, Religion and Culture Questions on chapter 2 History of the Study of Religion Know the meaning of the following terms and, if given in the book, a scholar with whom they are associated equivalence of gods diffusion age of gods, of heroes, of men euhemerism deist fetishism Volk and Geist astrolatry Romanticism Be able to answer the following questions The earliest ancient Greek student of foreign religions was ______ who died in ______. The Roman lawyer Cicero died in _____. He was in favor of religion criticized the Roman religious practice of ________ as nonsense. Julius Caesar, who died in ______, described the religions of the _________and the ______. Most Christian writers mocked the gods of other religions. But one early Christian writer praised other gods as former humans who had benefited humanity. This writer was _________. __________who died in ______. Friar _____ and Friar ______, who lived in the 13 th century, wrote objective accounts of the religion of the __________ as part of their missionary activities. religion of the __________ as part of their missionary activities....
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2.History.of.the.study.of.religion.stud - Annemarie de Waal...

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