IB 117 _1 Perph NS Analgesics

IB 117 _1 Perph NS Analgesics - Inhibits cyclooxygenase...

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IB 117  Thomas Carlson Peripheral nervous  anti-inflammatories  Plant origin  Geographical /cultural  origins Mechanism of action cocaine and  derivatives procaine,  Erythroxylum  coca South  American  Andes Mtns Local blockade of nerve  impulses acetylsalicylic acid,  salicylic acid,  Filipendula  ulmaria Europe Inhibits cyclooxygenase which  inhibits prostaglandin synthesis salicin, saligenin Salix alba Europe
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Unformatted text preview: Inhibits cyclooxygenase which inhibits prostaglandin synthesis diosgenin as precursor to glucocorticoids Dioscorea mexicana Mexico Blocks cytokine production. Inhibits phospholipids conversion to arachidonic acid which inhibits prostaglandin synthesis capsaicin Capsicum annuum & Capsicum frutescens Tropical America Agonist at capsaicin receptor, a heat-activated ion channel pain pathway...
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