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IB 117 _3 Topical remedies

IB 117 _3 Topical remedies - IB 117 Thomas Carlson Topical...

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IB 117  Thomas Carlson Topical Skin Remedies Plant origin  Geographical /cultural  origins Therapeutic uses aloe Aloe vera Arabia Burn treatment witch hazel ointment Hamamelis  virginiana Eastern USA Hemorrhoids, varicose veins,  arnica Arnica montana  & A. fulgans Europe &  North  America Skin inflammation,  blunt injures calendula  Calendula  officinalis Europe Skin inflammation, skin  infections, wound healing capsaicin Capsicum  annuum & C.  frutescens
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  • Fall '08
  • Medicinal plants, Ananas, necrotic wound tissue, America Europe Tropical, Arabia Eastern USA Europe &  North  America Europe Tropical  America Europe Tropical  America South  America

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