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MALEFIJT CHAPTER 7 MYTH AND RITUAL M BE SURE TO KNOW THE FOLLOWING TERMS: B motifs - _______________________________________________________________________ m rite of passage - ______________________________________________________________ r life crises - __________________________________________________________________ l rite of intensification - ______________________________________________________ r BE ABLE TO ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS: B What are the three approaches to the study of myths that Malefijt writes about? W Max M ller's equation of myth with folktale is adhered to by ________________ _______________________________________________________________________________. _ Malefijt's assessment of psychoanalytic methods of interpreting myths is that they are often _____________________________ the stories the attempt to analyze. a According to Malinowski, myth expresses, enhances, and codifies __________; it safeguards and enforces __________; it vouches for the efficiency of __________,
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