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extra_credit_paper - should be published in a peer reviewed...

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Developmental Psychology Winter Quarter 2009 Dr. Liat Sayfan Extra Credit Paper 1. Find an article in a newspaper or popular magazine on a topic related to class Possible topics: child care, understanding emotions, parenting, adolescent problems, Theory of Mind, language development, Autism, ADHD etc. 2. Find an article reporting an empirical study on the same topic. This article
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Unformatted text preview: should be published in a peer reviewed journal (for example, Child Development or Developmental Psychology ) 3. Compare the two papers: a. How did the research article on the topic differ from the newspaper or magazine article? b. What did you learn from this comparison? 4. Should be about 3 to 4 pages double spaced 5. Turn it in by March 11 2009, beginning of class...
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