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Developmental Psychology PSC 140 – Winter Quarter 2009 Course Syllabus Instructor: Dr. Liat Sayfan 268F Young Hall Office Hours: M & W 1-2 or by appointment TA: Aleksandra Palchuk 1328 Hart Hall Office Hours: M & W 4-5:30pm Class Meetings: Monday & Wednesday 2:10pm – 3:50pm 119 Wellman Course Goals The goal of this course is to familiarize you with the changes that occur in childhood – from conception until adolescence. This course will cover physical, cognitive, and social/emotional development while emphasizing the scientific and theoretical basis of each milestone discussed. You will learn to identify and describe various themes that permeate the study of child development (e.g., nature and nurture, the active vs. passive child, continuity and discontinuity, mechanisms of change, the sociocultural context and individual differences) and apply these themes to the various aspects of cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. By the end of the quarter, you will be able to appropriately apply the results of psychological research to questions about child care, education, social policy, and child rearing. Required Text Seigler, DeLoache, & Eisenberg (2006). How Children Develop (2 nd Edition) . Worth Publishers Prerequisites This is an upper division course intended for students majoring in Human Development and Psychology. You should have completed PSC 1 and PSC 41 (or the Human Development equivalents) before enrolling in this course. It is possible to take the course without these prerequisites, but basic knowledge of psychological concepts and research methods will be assumed. Academic Honesty
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psc140_winter_2009.syllabus - Developmental Psychology PSC...

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