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CDE 232 Exam 1 Study Guide

CDE 232 Exam 1 Study Guide - CDE 232 EXAM 1 Study Guide...

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CDE 232 EXAM 1 Study Guide Multiple Choice Questions (40 questions worth 2 pts each = 80% of exam grade) Look in your textbook and lecture notes for the concepts below; some will be covered in both and others only in one. Make sure that you study the concepts found only in your textbook a bit more since we did not discuss them in lecture. Introduction to Life-Span Perspective (Chapter 1 and Lecture) Be able to identify the different ways children were viewed historically and how that might have influenced parenting strategies—original sin, tabula rasa, innate goodness Identify the difference between the traditional approach to development and the life-span approach to development What are Paul Baltes’ Characteristics of the Life-Span Perspective? o Distinguish between normative age-graded influences, normative history-graded influences, & nonnormative life events o Understand that development is multidimensional including biological, cognitive, and socioemotional dimensions. Know what type of development each dimension includes.
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