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1.7. Set Up: Apply the equalities of and Solve: (a) (b) 1.8. Set Up: We know: and Solve: (a) (b) (c) Express and compare the English wrench sizes as decimal values: and The wrench is closest to 12 mm. 1.9. Set Up: We apply the equalities of and Solve: Reflect: Note how the unit conversion strategy, of cancellation of units, automatically tells us whether to multiply or divide by the conversion factor. 1.10. Set Up: Apply the given conversion factors, along with Solve: 1.11. Set Up: We know: and Solve: Currently, in 2005, gasoline in the U.S. costs about $2 per gallon so the price in Europe is about three times higher. 1.12. Set Up: From Appendix A, the volume V of a sphere is given in terms of its radius as while its surface area A is given as Also, by definition, the radius is one-half the diameter or Finally, the necessary equalities for this problem are: and Solve: and 1.13. Set Up: We apply the basic time relations of 1 and in part (a) and use the result of (a) in part (b). Similarly, apply the result of part (b) in solving part (c).
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