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(b) (c) (d) 1.15. Set Up: In each case, round the last significant figure. Solve: (a) 3.14, 3.1416, 3.1415927 (b) 2.72, 2.7183, 2.7182818 (c) 3.61, 3.6056, 3.6055513 Reflect: All of these representations of the quantities are imprecise, but become more precise as additional signifi- cant figures are retained. 1.16. Set Up: Use a calculator to calculate the decimal equivalent of each fraction and then round the numeral to the specified number of significant figures. Compare to rounded to the same number of significant figures. Solve: (a) 3.14286 (b) 3.14159 (c) The exact value of rounded to six significant figures is 3.14159. Since the frac- tion differs in the fourth significant figure, it is accurate to only three significant figures. The fraction and agree when expressed to six figures and thus agree to this precision. 1.17. Set Up: Calculate the trig function with the maximum and minimum possible values of the angle. Solve: (a)
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