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nucleus We thus need mass data from Appendix F: and The unit conversion factor is also needed. Solve: (a) Given The density of the helium atom is 13 times larger than the density of pure water. (b) Given In Problem 1.19 we found the density of a neutron star to be By comparison, the density of the helium nucleus is 3 times larger than the density of a neutron star. 1.21. Set Up: We know the density and mass; thus we can find the volume using the relation and the given data, and The radius is then found from the volume equation for a sphere, and the result for volume. Solve: 1.22. Set Up: From Appendix A, a thin spherical shell has volume where is the surface area of the shell and t is its thickness. We are given and and we know the unit conversions and Solve: 1.23. Set Up: The mass can be calculated as the product of the density and volume. The volume of the washer is the volume of a solid disk of radius minus the volume of the disk-shaped hole of radius In general, the volume of a disk of radius
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