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Considering this string of cars as a single unit passing through the tunnel, the total number of cars that can pass in one lane in time is: Since there are two lanes, the final total is roughly 19,000. 1.26. Set Up: Assume that the density of a cell is the same as for water. Also assume a mass of 70 kg (a weight of about 150 lbs) for a typical prson. The volume of a sphere is Solve: The volume is: The mass of a cell is: The number of cells in the typical person is then 1.27. Set Up: The number of kernels can be calculated as Based on an Internet search, Iowan corn farmers use a sieve having a hole size of to remove kernel fragments. Therefore estimate the average kernel length as 10 mm, the width as 6 mm and the depth as 3 mm. We must also apply the conversion factors and Solve: The volume of the kernel is: The bottle’s volume is: The number of kernels is then Reflect: This estimate is highly dependent upon your estimate of the kernel dimensions. And since these dimensions vary amongst the different available types of corn, acceptable answers could range from 6,500 to 20,000. 1.28. Set Up:
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