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1.31. Set Up: An average middle-aged (40 year-old) adult at rest has a heart rate of roughly 75 beats per minute. To calculate the number of beats in a lifetime, use the current average lifespan of 80 years. The volume of blood pumped during this interval is then the volume per beat multiplied by the total beats. Solve: 1.32. Set Up: Estimate that one step is Estimate that you walk 100 m in 1 minute. The distance to the Moon is Solve: The time it takes is which is about 7 years. The number of steps would be: 1.33. Set Up: The cost would equal the number of dollar bills required; the surface area of the U.S. divided by the surface area of a single dollar bill. By drawing a rectangle on a map of the U.S., the approximate area is 2600 mi by 1300 mi or 3,380,000 This estimate is within 10 percent of the actual area, 3,794,083 The population is roughly while the area of a dollar bill, as measured with a ruler, is approximately in. by in. Solve:
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