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Figure 1.35 (b) Quarter lap: The magnitude is From Figure 1.35, or Half lap: The magnitude is The direction is Full lap: The final position equals the initial position. The displacement is therefore equal to zero and the direction is undefined. Reflect: In each case, the magnitude of the displacement is less than the distance traveled. 1.36. Set Up: The displacement vector is directed from the initial position of the object to the final position. Solve: (a) The initial and final positions of the bug are shown in Figure 1.36a. The curved path of the bug is shown in Figure 1.36b and the bug’s displacement vector is shown in Figure 1.36c. Figure 1.36 (b) The magnitude of the displacement vector is the length of the line that connects points 1 and 2 and is equal to the radius of the turntable, 6 inches. The direction of the displacement vector is shown in Figure 1.36c, with
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