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1.57. Set Up: Estimate 2 ft per step and 100 steps per minute. Use: Solve: (a) The distance is The number of steps is calculated as this dis- tance divided by the distance per step: (b) The time in minutes is the number of steps required divided by the number of steps per minute At 8 h per day it takes about 120 days. 1.58. Set Up: Assume you walk 1 mile each way. Solve: (a) In 15 years, there are 780 weeks. If 45 weeks are vacation, you walk 735 weeks which represents 3675 working days. Since you walk 2 miles per working day, (b) In the U.S., this is approximately the equivalent of two coast-to-coast trips. 1.59. Set Up: Calculate the volume of liquid in liters using Use the result to calculate the mass of arsenic using the given arsenic per liter quantity and the unit conversion Solve: You drink or The mass of arsenic received per day is Reflect: While this is a very small amount of arsenic, concern about the accumulation in the body over a long period of time may exist. 1.60. Set Up:
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