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2.36. Set Up: Take in the direction to be in the direction the airplane travels. Solve: gives 2.37. Set Up: Estimate Solve: (a) and (b) 2.38. Set Up: The car travels at constant speed during the reaction time. Let be the direction the car is traveling, so after the brakes are applied. Solve: (a) During the reaction time the car travels a distance of For the motion after the brakes are applied, and gives The total distance is (b) A calculation similar to that of part (a) gives a total stopping distance of 2.39. Set Up: Let be the direction the car is traveling. Solve: (a) braking: gives Speeding up: gives (b) (c) Reflect: The magnitude of the acceleration while braking is much larger than when speeding up. That is why it takes much longer to go from 0 to 60 mph than to go from 60 mph to 0. 2.40. Set Up: Let be the direction the train is traveling. Find for each segment of the motion. Solve: to 14.0 s: At the speed is In the next 70.0 s, and For the interval during which the train is slowing down,
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