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02_InstSolManual_PDF_Part14 - 2-14 Chapter 2 Reect We could...

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Reflect: We could have taken downward to be Then and are all positive, but is negative. The same results are obtained with this alternative choice of coordinates. 2.58. Set Up: Take to be in the direction the sled travels. Assume the acceleration is constant. Solve: (a) gives (b) (c) Solve for and compare to 40 g . The figures are inconsistent, if the acceleration while stopping is constant. The acceleration while stopping could reach 40 g if the acceleration wasn’t constant. 2.59. Set Up: Use subscripts f and s to refer to the faster and slower stones, respectively. Take to be upward and for both stones. When a stone reaches the ground, Solve: (a) gives Since both stones have the same and (b) Since at the maximum height, then gives Since both have the same and Reflect: The faster stone reaches a greater height so it travels a greater distance than the slower stone and takes more time to return to the ground. 2.60. Set Up: Take to be downward and Both coconuts have the same acceleration, Let A be
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