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02_InstSolManual_PDF_Part15 - Motion along a Straight Line...

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2.63. Set Up: Use coordinates with downward. Relative to the earth the package has and Solve: The velocity of the package relative to the ground just before it hits is (a) downward. downward and downward. (b) so upward. Reflect: Since the helicopter is traveling downward, the package is moving slower relative to the helicopter than its speed relative to the ground. 2.64. Set Up: and is east for the first 200 mi and west for the return 200 mi. The time is the distance relative to the ground divided by the speed relative to the ground. Solve: (a) and (b) San Francisco to Chicago: east. east. Chicago to San Francisco: east. west. The total time is 2.65. Set Up: The relative velocities are: the plane relative to the ground; the plane relative to the air; and the air relative to the ground. Let be east. Solve: Use the data for no wind to calculate When flying east from A to B , and are both east and When flying west from B to A , is west and is east and so Reflect:
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