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02_InstSolManual_PDF_Part16 - 2-16 Chapter 2 2.66 Set Up At...

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2.66. Set Up: At this point Voyager 1 is from the sun and the earth is from the sun, on the same side as Voyager 1. Thus, Voyager 1 is from the earth. The speed of the radio waves is Solve: 2.67. Set Up: Solve: 2.68. Set Up: At the auto and truck are at the same position. The auto overtakes the truck when after time T they have both traveled a distance d . Solve: (a) Apply to the motion of each vehicle. The auto has and so The truck has and so Combining these two equa- tions gives and Then (b) 2.69. Set Up: Let d be the distance from home to work. Solve: (a) The time to get to work is The time to return home is The average speed for the round trip is the total distance 2 d divided by the total time (b) The travel times at each speed are not the same. More time is spent traveling at 40 mph so the average speed is less than Reflect: If the two average speeds for each one-way trip are and then the average speed for the roundtrip is If then the average speed is this speed If the speeds differ a lot, then the average
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