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Reflect: On the moon, where the acceleration is less, the rock reaches a greater height and takes more time to reach that maximum height. 2.72. Set Up: Let to be downward. and Solve: (a) gives (b) gives 2.73. Set Up: and Solve: (a) gives (b) gives (c) The calculated a is less than 450,000 g so the acceleration required doesn’t rule out this hypothesis. 2.74. Set Up: Let be downward. The meter stick has and The time the meterstick falls is your reaction time. Let d be the distance the meterstick falls. Solve: (a) gives and (b) 2.75. Set Up: Let be downward. The egg has and Find the distance the professor walks during the time t it takes the egg to fall to the height of his head. At this height, the egg has Solve: gives The professor walks a distance Release the egg when your profes- sor is 3.60 m from the point directly below you. Reflect: Just before the egg lands its speed is It is traveling much faster than the professor. 2.76. Set Up:
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