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21111 21111 ' PHYSICS DEPARTMENT PHY 2053 Final Exam December 11, 2000 J.R. Buchler, J. Ipser Sec.# Name (print, last ¯rst): Signature: On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this examination. YOUR TEST NUMBER IS THE 5-DIGIT NUMBER AT THE TOP OF EACH PAGE. DIRECTIONS (1) Code your test number on your green answer sheet (use 76{80 for the 5-digit number) . Code your name on your answer sheet. Darken circles completely (errors can occur if too light) . Code your student number on your answer sheet. (2) Print your name on this sheet and sign it also. (3) Do all scratch work anywhere on this exam that you like. At the end of the test, this exam printout is to be turned in. No credit will be given without both answer sheet and printout with scratch work most questions demand. (4) If there is no answer close enough to be correct, the correct answer is to leave the question blank. You should not expect many of these. (5) Blacken the circle of your intended answer completely, using a number 2 pencil . Do not make any stray marks or the answer sheet may not read properly. >>>>>>>> BEFORE YOU FINISH <<<<<<<< Hand in the green answer sheet separately. Questions that, with our redemption policy, count toward exam 1 are marked with * and those that count toward Exam 2 are marked **. g = 9 : 8 m/s 2 G = 6 : 67 £ 10 ¡ 11 Nm 2 = kg 2 1 mi = 1600 m Steel: Young's modulus = 2 £ 10 11 Pa Stress modulus = 8 : 4 £ 10 10 Pa Moment of inertia: solid cylinder = I = 1 2 MR 2 solid sphere = I = 2 5 MR 2 1. * Auto A is 50 m directly behind auto B at time t = 0. Both autos are traveling north. The speed of A is 50 m/s, while the speed of B is 20 m/s. At this moment, A begins to decelerate at a constant rate, while B maintains constant velocity. What is the minimum deceleration, in m/s 2 , that A must achieve in order to avoid colliding with B ? (Hint: The speed of A must be the same as that of
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This note was uploaded on 04/29/2008 for the course PHY 2053 taught by Professor Buchler during the Spring '06 term at University of Florida.

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PHY2053_F00_final - 21111 PHY 2053 J.R Buchler J Ipser...

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