03_InstSolManual_PDF - Motion in a Plane 3-5(c vx 5 v0x 5 3.58 m s vy 5 v0y 1 ayt 5 1 9.80 m s2 2 1 0.391 s 2 5 3.83 m s v 5"vx2 1 vy2 5 5.24 m s

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(c) and The final velocity of the ball has magnitude and is directed at below the horizontal. Reflect: The time for the ball to reach the floor is the same as if it had been dropped from a height of 0.750 m; the horizontal component of velocity has no effect on the vertical motion. 3.10. Set Up: The initial velocity of the bomb is the same as that of the helicopter. Take downward, so and Solve: (a) with gives (b) The bomb travels a horizontal distance (c) (d) Graphs of x versus t and of y versus t are given in Figure 3.10. Figure 3.10 (e) Because the airplane and the bomb always have the same x -component of velocity and position, the plane will be 300 m directly above the bomb at impact. 3.11. Set Up: Take to be downward. For each cricket, and For Milada, For Chirpy, Solve: Chirpy’s horizontal component of velocity has no effect on his vertical motion. He also reaches the ground in 3.50 s. Reflect:
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